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Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Platfo rm as a Servic e ======================================================== I n simple words in this project we are going t o develop a online coding webapp where you can just choose the programming language in which you want to code and Execute your code in the website itself. The magic of using webserver and docker technology in PaaS is  you can just connect all your device with th e server and an yone conne cted with it will have acce ss t o the Coding W ebsite we will de velop. 1. First we will Develop the Web Page and Save it as  paas.html in the html folder of you apache server. Write the Following code in that -- <form action =""> <br> <pre>     <h2>Select the Language</h2>    <select name="languages">   <option value="java">Java</option>   <option value="python">Python</option>   <option value="c">C